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DO NOT Buy a Derma Roller Until You Know 6 Important Dermaroller Facts!



Microneedling can effectively treat wrinkles & scars, but you must know 6 Important Derma Roller Facts before Buying a Dermaroller. ~~~~~ (For In-depth Info - )~~~~~
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Fact 1

0.2mm Roller can not induce collagen. You need at least 0.5 mm to trigger collagen. 0.25 mm is only good boosting topical product absorption. For wrinkles and scars, DO NOT buy 0.25 mm roller.

Fact 2

0.5 mm derma Roller is not painful to use and numbing cream isn't require. If your skin is very sensitive or if you are using longer needles, you can apply numbing cream before treatment.

Fact 3

Your skin will improve gradually. You need more than 3 treatments to see noticeable results because your body is rebuilding collagen steadily to repair your skin.

Fact 4

Derma roller can boost skin care product absorption by 10,000 times immediately after treatment. Applying topical products will increase your result, but it is totally optional.

Fact 5

Derma roller alone can trigger collagen regrowth by 1000%. Applying vitaminc c or copper peptide serum can enhance results, but it is optional.

Fact 6

Derma roller is a generic term, and there is no such thing as a genuine dermal roller.

For example
The word Car is a generic term, but there are different brands of car.

Always look for a CE APPROVAL. This means your derma roller exceeded the highest quality, health and safety standard.


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DO NOT Buy a Derma Roller Until You Know 6 Important Dermaroller Facts!