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Cleopatra's Ancient Skin & Beauty Secrets.



Cleopatra's Ancient Skin & Beauty Secrets.
The best and most effective true skin beauty secrets are actually the lowest cost ones and those that are found strictly in nature. The basic best rule for skin care and beauty and fighting the effects of aging & wrinkles, is that is you can not eat the skin product than do not put it on your skin. Some more commonly known Cleopatra skin beauty secrets and treatments for ant-aging are using milk and honey for the skin. Milk has complete proteins & lactic acid and honey nourishes and is anti-bacterial for the skin. What is not well known in that Cleopatra (the Queen of Sheba & Queen Nefertiti) used very finely ground copper in a paste on their skin to help stimulate collagen production. It is a little know fact that copper is essential to collagen production and also essential to the preserving the color of hair. I use a some fine ground copper supplement tablets in all the skin care products to enhance their effectiveness. Other very simple and inexpensive measures to fight the effects of skin aging & wrinkles is using coconut oil and aloe vera. Another not well known skin care secret and collagen production booster is garlic. Garlic has been reputed to boost collagen production and thus help fight the effects of aging and wrinkles. But maybe the best method to help preserve skin health and overall heath and prevent skin from drying out and cracking is to drink plenty of fresh pure water. Many people often over look this and many people are actually dehydrated from drinking too many caffeinated products. Drinking lots of pure water will hydrate the skin and also help to detoxify the body and skin of harmful elements and chemicals that cause rapid aging and per-mature wrinkling of the skin.