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Hello my sweet cupcakes!

Today, I'm going to share an awesome remedy with you guys for Fresh Glowing Healthy Skin. A DIY Fruit Acid Peel! I know I know, the name sounds a little scary. But fear not because this remedy just gently retextures our skin.

Fruit acids are abundant in AHA acids. These acids loosen the well...let's say "glue"-that holds the surface skin cells together. This allows the dead skin to fall off to reveal the fresher and healthier looking skin underneath. The result is smoother brighter and healthier complexion.

There are plenty of skin benefits from fruit acid peel masks:
It speeds up skin cell renewal
Unclogs pores
fades dark spots
reduces blemishes
softens wrinkles
and most of all, improving our overall skintone for a smoother texture.
Products absorb better too so they work to the maximum.

I only learnt about this remedy several months back and started this for a few weeks but it's already becoming one of my remedy favourites. I've been doing this remedy about twice a week and already seeing an improvement in my skin tone. My skin looks more refined and my skin feels and looks smoother. Working on fading the new acne scars on my chin too. My skin still isn't perfect, will never be perfect but definitely improving ^_^

Don't expect crazy dramatic results straight away. Be patient and persistent and your skin will thank you visually in time.

Remember, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in the video, avoid this remedy or opt for a substitute. Because our skin is different, you can alter the measurements to suit your skin type.

I love filming DIY beauty videos because there is no need to wear makeup hence no need to remove makeup lol.

Music: 'Best Friend' by Jason Chen.
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Much love, Bubz xx

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