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How To Use the Derma Roller: Anti-Aging Beauty Tips



Want to know how to use the Derma Roller? How to by ETSIS,

ETSIS - Escaping The Sun In Style™: Discover a lifestyle revolution of beauty, anti-aging and health with stylish sun protection. We are dedicated to spreading awareness and the message of well-being and anti-aging through protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

ETSIS CEO Devra is always asked what she does to have such good skin for her age. NUMBER ONE: Sun protection with an ETSIS Hat. Sun protection is the essential part of her anti-aging and beauty routine. But she also combines it with a good at home routine, exercise, good diet and regular trips to the aesthetician and dermatologist.

In this episode, Devra shows us one of the tools she uses at home to stay young and fresh: The Dermaroller.

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