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Best Age Spot Remover - Dark Spot Corrector, Skin Lightening, Rosacea, Acne Scars, and Freckles - Most Powerful Available Without a Prescription - Fades Pigmentation, Brown Spots and Liver Spots - Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction No Brainer Guarantee

MOST EFFECTIVE when applied correctly, faithfully, and over time, as follows: 1. Apply to recently cleaned and dried area on the hands, forearms, face, legs: any external area of the body where pigmentation discoloration has occurred. 2. Apply TWICE PER DAY, preferable once in the morning and once in the evening. 3. Apply a thin layer to the affected area. No reason to cake it on. 4. Minimize exposure of the treated area to direct sunlight during the treatment period. (Use SPF on the treated area if you need to go out in the sun.) 5. Use EVERY DAY FOR 30 DAYS. Don't skip. Don't Skimp.

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MetaDerm Organic Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream 6.5 oz...
MetaDerm Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream
MetaDerm Psoriasis Cream is a natural treatment specifically developed for psoriasis. In clinical testing response to MetaDerm was profound. Most patients achieved a complete and lasting remission. MetaDerm was even effective in ameliorating scaring lesions, which are not responsive to corticosteroids. Unlike chemical treatments, MetaDerm's all natural formulation is as safe as it is effective and therefore ideally suited for the treatment of even severe cases.

How to Use
Apply liberally to affected areas at least twice daily or as needed. Test on a small unaffected area before use. Use continuously for at least 12 weeks for optimal benefit. To maintain results, use daily as part of your regular skin care routine. Use with MetaDerm 100% Organic Psoriasis, Psoriasis, and Dry Skin Foaming Shampoo and Wash.

Haus Bioceuticals Clinical Studies
MetaDerm was 2.4 times more effective than 1% hydrocortisone, 1.9 times more effective than betamethasone, and 2.3 times more effective than pimecrolimus in reducing itching, redness, and inflammation.

HAT-01, A Novel Herbal Preparation, Is Superior To Corticosteroids And Pimecrolimus For The Treatment Of Moderate To Severe Atopic Dermatitis. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Volume 68, Issue 4, S1, AB76, April 2013

A Safe, Effective, And Novel Topical Herbal Preparation For The Treatment Of Atopic Dermatitis. American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting, Poster P702, Aug. 2011.

What is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis symptoms include dry, cracked, itchy, scaly, and reddened skin. There is no known cure for psoriasis, however mild psoriasis treatments include lotions, creams, and natural psoriasis remedies.

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All Natural Organic Ayurvedic Sensitive Blemished or Rosacea Face Facial Cleanser (SBR Formula)
Our mild but effective milk & honey daily wash with healing Helichrysum is excellent for Sensitive, Blemished and Rosacea skin conditions. Compounded with all-natural organic botanicals and sea minerals, this Ayurvedic (Pitta) formula gently exfoliates & detoxifies, removing makeup and deep seated impurities. Your skin is balanced, glowing and optimized for effective treatment penetration.

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