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HOW TO CURE BAD BREATH BY Dr James Wright D.D.S & Dr Lisa Evens M.D [Kindle Edition]

Hi, I’m Dr James Wright, Dr Evens and I have published this book because we understand the soul destroying effects of life with bad breath. How every personal interaction becomes a major issue.

I would like to point out to you that up to 80% of sufferers have a high amount mucus often caused by Post Nasal Drip. As mucus is protein rich food for bad breath bacteria, you must do our Post Nasal Drip program as described in this book. I will also point out that once you have cured your bad breath you will still need to rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem. This will help you avoid Halitophobia (fear of having bad breath) after you are cured. Do take the time to read the entire book. Make sure you check the unusual causes of bad breath section in this book as our studies show up to 25% of sufferers have bad breath due to unusual causes. Finally let me ask you to post a review of this book on amazon when you’re finished. People read the reviews to see if our book can help them too. It also helps us improve the book by acting on the feedback. To your good health, Dr James Wright.

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InFresh All-Natural Bad Breath Cure - Chewable Tablets Give You Instant Fresh Breath & Long Term Freshness From The Inside-Out. Patented Herbal, Natural Formula With Parsley, Oregano & Other Herbs. One month supply, 90 Tablets Minty Flavor...

InFresh provides powerful Inside-Out Freshness. One month supply. 90 chewable InFresh Mint Flavor Tablets for only $24.99. All Natural, Herbal and Effective Bad Breath Cure from the Inside Out. Get rid of bad breath in your mouth and in your system with an all natural herbal product. InFresh tablets contain the revolutionary Formula 7, a proprietary blend of herbs that have being clinically proven to help freshen your breath, eliminate odor causing bacteria and toxins, improve digestion and improve body odor. Together, these herbs provide you with Fresh Breath and great long-lasting benefits. Bad breath is a thing of the past with InFresh. InFresh is the most powerful Breath tablet in the market that delivers immediate Fresh and Healthy Breath while providing long-term benefits. InFresh is not candy that would mask your bad breath or halitosis temporarily. InFresh is a powerful tablet full of natural herbs that together deliver immediate results and long term benefits. Many products in the market claim to provide the cure for bad breath. InFresh delivers results with a two-punch approach: 1. Immediate Freshness: InFresh's outer coating will provide you with immediate Fresh Breath and clean and fresh feeling in your mouth 2. Long Lasting Benefits: InFresh's will continue to work as your body digest its powerful blend of natural herbs. This powerful blend of herbs will provide you with enough Formula 7 that is clinically proven to destroy odor-causing toxins before they enter your blood stream. Suggested Usage: Enjoy one tablet 5 to 10 minutes after each meal and anytime you need Fresh Breath. Let the flavor dissolve in your mouth while providing you Fresh and Healthy Breath. Then chew it and enjoy the feeling of Freshness from the Inside-Out. Yes, InFresh is powerful and effective. InFresh is 100% Natural, Herbal, Sugar-Free and Lactose-Free. Manufactured for InFresh Products, Inc. Sherman Oaks, California.

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Breath Appeal One Month Starter Kit...

Unlike other bad breath remedies that just temporarily mask odors, Breath Appeal eliminates bad breath at its source, anaerobic bacteria. When Breath Appeal's two patented formulas are combined, they release powerful oxidizing agents that first kill the odor-causing anaerobic bacteria, then cripple their ability to grow back, leaving you with fresh breath that lasts all day and all night. Regular use of Breath Appeal will help to keep your mouth clean, balanced, fresh and healthy 24/7. Breath Appeal's unique fruit based formula is non-toxic, alcohol free and does not dry out the mouth. Using Breath Appeal is fast and easy so its simple to make it part of your daily routine and get on with your life, being confident that your breath is always fresh. Get rid of bad breath 24 hours a day with this revolutionary bad breath product!

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