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Skincare Tips for the Modern Man - Dermatologist Dr. Jeffery Benabio



The modern man navigates a challenging course of hands-on fatherhood, career, friends and community. Somewhere in between, he's reminded to take care of himself. Sharp clothes, cool gadgets, and speedy cars often fill that role. But sometimes attention to the simplest details can make a big difference, leaving men feeling better, looking better, and generally more confident - without shelling out thousands for a new Corvette.

Skin Care for Men - The Best Ways to Fight Acne, Skin Complexion Tips, Men's Grooming & MUCH MORE! [Kindle Edition]
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The Bearded Gentleman: The Style Guide to Shaving Face [Paperback]

For centuries, men have been growing and styling their facial hair, whether for the sake of vanity, religion, or cultural considerations, but most of us don’t give it a second thought. The Bearded Gentleman is an authoritative yet lighthearted guide that offers detailed information on some fifty specific facial hair styles: where they come from, how to grow them, and how to maintain them.

Among them are many well-known styles, such as the Handlebar, the Fu Manchu, the Goatee, the Van Dyck, and the more recent Soul Patch. But there are also those that are less familiar, including the Horseshoe, the Lampshade, the Painter’s Brush, the Landing Strip, the French Fork, and El Insecto (a.k.a. the Mighty). There’s also practical advice on choosing a facial hair style that’s right for you, as well as insight into how facial hair has figured in the history of masculinity, including its impact on politics, class, and sexuality.
The Bearded Gentleman is an entertaining, witty, and useful guide to facial hair styles and the men who wear them.

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