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The Best Acne Treatment: Eliminate Acne and Treat Breakouts



Clearogen 3-Step Anti-Blemish Treatment - Facewash, Toner & Cream by Clearogen...
A 3-step regimen to combat acne.

What it's used for:
Clearogen 3-Step Acne Treatment Set - Sulfur fights off acne for a clearer, brighter, more luminous complexion. Salicylic acid, sulfur and witch hazel remove impurities and tone the skin to help prevent future breakouts. Each product is formulated for daily use for best results.
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Clearogen Acne Treatment [Health and Beauty]
Clearogen Acne Treatment is the first acne treatment to combine both prescription grade ingredients and natural botanicals to clear existing acne and prevent future breakouts at the first stage of acne formation. This 3-step, non irritating, skin refinging complex controls acne while rejuvenating skin.
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Soniclear Anti-microbial Facial Skin Cleansing Brush System...
Features: ANTIMICROBIAL PRODUCT PROTECTION Cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brushTM... Skin cells and moisture remaining on the brush heads between uses can create conditions for bacteria to grow. soniclear brush heads are treated during the manufacturing process with proprietary LIFE antimicrobial product protection ~ a soniclear exclusive ~ to guard against stain and odor causing bacteria. The antimicrobial protection in soniclear combines silver-based technology registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency and patent-pending natural plant extracts technology. Together these technologies guard against stain and odor causing bacteria on the brush heads of your soniclear. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial protection will not wash out or wear off for the normal life of the brush heads so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer! Traditional sonic face cleansing systems don't provide this protection. TWO BRUSH HEADS: (i) a fully sonic brush head for facial cleansing and (ii) an extra-large sonic brush head for body cleansing. WATERPROOF for use in the bath or shower. NON-SLIP COMFORT GRIPS for increased comfort and to prevent slipping from the user's hand. SIX SPEED OPTIONS for the speed just right for you: 3 facial brush settings and 3 body brush settings, including a stimulating pulse option. And, soniclear recognizes which brush head is attached automatically adjusting the speed options based on the brush head used. AUTOMATIC CLEANSING TIMER beeps to indicate it is time to move to another cleansing area for even and thorough cleansing. CORDLESS and rechargeable for up to 35 minutes of continuous use between charges. UNIVERSAL CHARGING AND STORAGE CRADLE for convenient storing and recharging. SEPARATE SPEED AND POWER CONTROLS for ease of use. TWO YEAR WARRANTY for years of trouble free enjoyment.
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