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Day 3 of 34 Day Water Fasting Documentary, (Cure Sinusitis, Eczema and Belly Fat)



I lost 7.7lbs already! My 3rd day of the fast aiming to loose those extra pounds and cure myself of eczema and chronic sinusitis. Again I drank 4 liters/1 gallon of water. I lost 800g/1.76lbs of weight, so I`m down to 87.1kg/192lbs. Negative detox symptoms: lightheadedness, inability to focus on anything too complex, cold shivers, hot flushes, and a really bad cotton mouth as you will see in the video ;). On a more positive note the itchiness from the eczema has gone down a good bit again. Only very light improvement in regards to the sinusitis. ---Formerly 30 day/40 day fast